Why is Cycling Good for Children

Cycling is an activity for people of all ages. Our children are full of energy and require exercise daily. Since physical activity is important for numerous health benefits for a child, it is highly recommended that your son or daughter uses a bicycle as their means of transportation and exercise. Moreover, it is a great way to bond with your child because we can all join in a bit of cycling fun around the block or through the park. Here are some of the most important benefits of cycling for children’s development, both mental and physical.

Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle

Cycling is a great way for children to develop their muscles and endurance. Riding a bicycle will build primarily the hamstrings and quadriceps; the pedalling motion develops the lower body rather than the upper body. In the age of childhood obesity, buying your kid a bike is the best present you can get them. Cycling will burn calories, keep them fit, strengthen their immune system and develop important exercise habits that will follow them throughout the life. It will make your child enjoy sport, which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. With cycling, you will easily motivate your child to engage in 60 min of recommended daily physical activity.

Ecological Awareness and Contact with Nature

Your child will learn to be environmentally conscious by using this eco-friendly means of transportation. Riding a bike never releases the amountof greenhouse gases comparable to that of a car, bus, or train. Moreover, by regularly cycling, your kid will spend more time in nature, breathing fresh air, that seated in front of a computer.

Being outdoors presents new challenges that would not be present in the gym. Say, on day one you may wish to go uphill and on day two ride around a lake. Children love cycling for the freedom it affords them to explore and get to know their local area.

School Success

Some schools incentivise biking by hosting competitions and rewarding children that their own bring bikes every day to school. More often than not there is a school cycling club where trips are taken to nature, which is both a fun and educational activity for children to do. Moreover, schools report that children that cycle to school are more alert and pay more attention in class than kids that arrive by car.

Building Confidence

You will notice that your child soon formulates the idea in his early teenage years that personal improvement is required if he or she will become the best they can be. The child sets a goal such as “I want to be faster so I need to be stronger.” They do this with practice and understand what needs to be done in order to improve. This is an invaluable lesson for a child – hard work and discipline will result in achievement.


Cycling is a great way for children to socialize and have fun together. Kids love to race and go on bike adventures. Going for a bike ride together with other kinds will improve your child’s social skills.

Finally, a word of caution: riding a bike is great but teach your children to be safe and always wear a helmet. If an accident ever occurs it is best to be safe than sorry.