Betting on Equestrianism

Equestrianism is one of the most beloved pastimes all over the world that was always followed by a posh character, like the one you get when you use the Gala Casino promo code. For the lovers of this noble and ancient sport, there is a lot of betting options to choose from. Most common type of betting on equestrianism in Europe is to bet at fixed odds, meaning that odds are known in advance and you can easily calculate your potential winnings.

In the US, the more common way to bet is called pari-mutuel betting. In this type of betting, a money is being pooled and shared among the winners. Odds cannot be known in advance because they depend on the number of bettors and winners.

In the US, the most common bets are for a horse to win (i.e. finish first), to place (finish first or second) and to show (finish first, second or third).

Lingo is a bit different in the UK: instead of place and show you can bet each-way, placing two bets on the same horse, one that the horse will win and second that it will place. The exact terms of the each-way bet depend on the bookmaker, but the general rule is that if your horse wins you win both bets, and if it finishes second you win the second half of the bet at odds around ¼ of the odds for the horse to win.

In addition to these simple bets, there are also more exotic and riskier bets, that can potentially lead to huge winnings. These include exacta and trifecta, where the bettor must select two or three winning horses and the exact order in which they will finish the race. You can also bet on accumulators, placing bets on the outcome of multiple races at the same time, for example by picking the winner of three separate races.

You can bet online, via a land-based bookmaker, or on the site. Live betting is another exciting option that combines the excitement of being at the race track with the greater variety of options offered by online bookmakers.

As you can see, understanding the odds is crucial for betting successfully on horse races. Odds can be expressed either as fractions or as decimal numbers. Fractional odds are calculated by taking the number to the right representing your stake and the number to the right to represent your winnings if you bet the amount on the left. For example, if you bet at odds 4/1, you can win four for everyone you bet plus your original bet. Decimal odds are much easier to calculate, because you simply need to multiply the decimal number by your stake to calculate your potential winnings.

Study the history with the jockey, with the surface, and whether the horse recently changed group. Observe the horses before the race: do they look nervous, are they sweating a lot, do they look depressed? Chose a horse that looks calm but energetic. This will give you useful clues and soon you will start noticing patterns that will help you make better predictions. Most importantly, have fun!

Frankie Detorri and Calyx Dominate Royal Ascot

The most elite competition in the UK and one of the most valuable races in the world is currently taking place in Ascot, Berkshire. Royal Ascot is also a high-society event of the year, its tradition stretching back to 1711, when Queen Anne announced that the field is to become a place for races. Today, it is an opportunity for ladies and gentlemen to wear some very fancy hats and enjoy the said races.

This year, the five-day event started on Tuesday 19 June, and will last until Saturday 23 June.

The opening day of Royal Ascot saw the 47-year-old jockey Frankie Detorri win three races: in the Coventry Stakes on Calyx, in the St James’s Palace Stakes on Without Parole, and in the Wolferton Stakes on Monarchs Glen. The second victory made him third-most successful Royal Ascot jockey of all time, preceded only by Lester Piggott and Pat Eddery.

On Day 2 we had Expert Eye winning the Jersey Stakes and Settle For Bay winning the Royal Hunt Cup. Most shockingly, everyone’s favourite Cracksman was outrun by Poet’s Word in the Prince of Wales’s Stakes, making Sir Michael Stoute the winning-most trainer in the history of Royal Ascot, with 76 triumphs. Stoute commented: “It’s a relief because we were stuck on it [75 winners] last year. It [Royal Ascot] is special to every trainer. We’ve been very lucky to have a lot of nice horses over the years.”

Another notable victory was accomplished by Aljazzi, who finished first in Duke of Cambridge Stakes, under Buick.

The Ladies Day saw Stradivarius, an offspring of 2009 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe winner Sea The Stars, take the Gold Cup under Frankie Detorri. Vazerabad and Torcedor finished second and third, respectively. This is Detorri’s sixth Gold Cup and after the race he said for the BBC: “”He was a lion, he fought everything off. The crowd lifted him. I just wanted to time it right. I come alive here, I love it. To win the Gold Cup again, which is the showcase race of the week, is just amazing.”

Friday’s schedule (source: BBC)

14:30: The Albany Stakes (Group 3) 6f

15:05: The King Edward VII Stakes (Group 2) 1m 4f

15:40: Commonwealth Cup (Group 1) 6f

16:20: Coronation Stakes (Group 1) Old mile

17:00: Sandringham Stakes (Listed) (Handicap) 1m

17:35: Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (Handicap) 1m 4f

The differences in horse racing all around the world

Horse racing is one of the sports that is universally present – from Asia to America, all countries have had horse racing in one form or the other during its history. But the question that bothers many people is how big of a difference there is in modern horse racing nowadays? Are there major differences between the sport and how important are these distinctions?

The biggest difference maybe is that in most of the world, horse racing is done with jockeys – and the jockeys have to remain on the horse if they want to finish the race. There are very few races in the world where it is important that horse passes the finishing line, with or without the jockey, and one of those is in Palio in Italy. In all the others, the jockey has to be on the horse – there is a story of the race at Belmont where the jockey died during the race, but since he remained on the horse, the horse still won the race. Crazy, right?

However, as far as the other specificities go, mostly everything is the same. Some race types are more popular in one country or the other, but there are no important differences in the rules, except for the age of the horses that are racing.

In Europe, however, the most popular track surface is turf. In North America and in Asia, the most popular surface tends to be dirt, even some synthetic surfaces like Polytrack. Of course, this is true if we are talking about flat racing. For other versions, different surfaces are popular.

One of the biggest differences nowadays can actually be seen in the crowds that visit the hippodrome! At the present moment, in most of the western hemisphere, the popularity is average, as horse racing is never in top three sports. However, in Hong Kong, incredibly large amounts of people flock at the hippodrome to watch the races. To help you understand the popularity in more familiar terms, horse racing in Hong Kong is similar to football in Europe – so a jockey and a horse can be as popular as Cristiano Ronaldo in Europe! At certain moments, there are even fangirls chasing after the jockeys who win after the races! That might make you think jockeys earn a lot of money, but that’s true only if they win!

What differs, in addition to previously mentioned things, is the type of betting allowed on horse racing! For example, pari-mutuel betting is still not allowed in some parts of the world, like in the United Arab Emirates. In other countries, it is allowed to make bets even off the site – like in Hong Kong. You can even bet with overseas bookmakers!

The basics of horse races betting

There is a whole science behind the betting on horse racing, like it’s usually the case with popular sporting events. However, horse racing is more than just an action-packed event, it is an unforgettable experience that you will want to savor. So, before you head for the racetracks, be sure to learn the basic of horse racing betting, so you can enjoy the atmosphere and understand everything that is going on. Additionally, the adrenaline from the betting stacks up nicely with the excitement of the races, so you will be in for an interesting ride!

Before you start betting, you must choose which type of horse races you are going to bet on: flat racing, jump racing, steeple chasing or harness racing. Once you pick your category, you can proceed!

The next thing to understand are different ways to bet – yes, there are at least three basic ways you can bet. You can indulge in fixed odds betting, pari-mutuel and exchange betting. Fixed odds represent the most popular and by far the most numerous type of betting odds – the odds are already given by the bookmaker, you pick the ones that you like and bet your money on it. If you win, you get the money, if not, you lose it. Simple, right? On the other hand, pari-mutuel has no odds – the winnings are determined by two factors. Firstly, all people pool their money together – that is the winning pot. Secondly, the winning pot is divided among all the winners – which means the more people bet and the less people win, the bigger your winning will be! Lastly, we have exchange betting. This is a rather novel way of betting, where you strike a deal and bet with another bettor, not with a bookmaker. It takes some getting used to, but it is very interesting.

So now you know different ways, it is time to place a bet. There are several aspects as to how much money you will invest. First, you have to make a smart selection of races and horses you want to bet on. To do this, you must read up on the odds, follow the races in which they have participated so far and try to find out as much as possible about the horse’s stamina, form and health. Once you have gathered enough info, you can make an informed decision. Next, you want to see how much money you want to bet. If you are fairly sure you will win, you can even bet larger sums, but it is best if you start with small to midsize bets in the beginning. Once you see how the system works, you will be able to make more accurate bets. Keep in mind that the favorites are favorites for a reason, and they will not lose that easily. And always manage your money wisely – if you are on a losing streak, do not go for all-or-nothing bets! More likely than not, you will end up with having nothing.

Of course, if you just want to watch the exciting races and enjoy at the racetracks, you can go in blind and throw in a few bets for fun, but there is no way to guarantee or even predict what your bets are going to turn out like! But if you follow some of the basic advice given above, you will surely do much better!

Top 5 horse racing event in the world

Horse racing events attract massive crowds in many places in the world. People who love horses, people who admire the adrenaline-driven races and folks who love betting on horse racing – all of them gather together on completely packed racetracks, or as some call it “hippodromes”. As the largest interest for horse racing is in the USA, most of the legendary races take place on American racetracks, but there are also some international hippodromes that are a must for every horse racing fan.

The Preakness Stakes

This amazing race will in five years turn 150 years old! The tradition and history that go into the making of this race testify to its importance. Since the track is around two kilometers long, the race finishes under two minutes if everything goes well. Incredible amount of adrenaline is packed into those minutes, especially considering the hefty sum waiting for the winner – $1.5 million. This race is the second most visited in the USA, and trails only behind the famous Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby

The most popular American horse race event is also among the world’s most popular races. It’s only two years younger than the Preakness Stakes, but it compensates for it with crazy popularity. With similar length and average time, many people wonder why Kentucky Derby remains very popular in comparison to the Preakness Stakes. The answer is – because history and records were created here. Kentucky Derby is very well-known also because of Secretariat, the famous racing horse who did well on Kentucky Derby.

The Royal Ascot

The oldest horse race in the world is Klipincotes Derby, but the most famous old race is the Royal Ascot. This horse race is more than three centuries old and boasts over 7 million dollars in prize money. Needless to say, it is also one of the most formal races in the world, being one of the first races in British history. It is very interesting to see this race since the dress code is very strict and formal – and there is a large change you would see royalty there. This is really an event that should not be missed!

Nakayama Grand Jump

If we decide to move to the other part of the world, we could still enjoy in great races, as is shown by Nakayama Grand Jump race in Japan. The most prestigious race in Japan is also considered to be one of the trickiest for the jockeys and horses, as it features different sharp turns and twists, and of course, jumps from which it derives its name. The best racer ends with a large sum of 1.7 million dollars, so it is no wonder they give it their all.

Dubai World Cup

Since we are talking about generous competitions, it would not be fair not to mention Dubai World Cup, established in 1996. The award which is reserved for the best is astounding ten million dollars – a sum outclassed only by the newly founded Pegasus Cup in 2017. Until recently, it could boast with the title of the most generous race, but it still can show off by its impressing hippodrome called Meydan Racecourse. Biggest faces not only in horse racing, but also politics and culture, attend this race and the gala event that follows after it in March.