The Most Extreme Cycling Events Around the World

People use bicycles to travel the world, commute, exercise, or simply as a way of recreation. Some use it professionally to earn money and compete in the hardest of competitions, whether the Olympic Games or the Grand Tours. Spectating athletes at their peak, doing some of the most dangerous things imaginable is very entertaining. Here is a list of the most extreme cycling events in the world.

Cape Epic – South Africa

In South Africa, people go to great lengths to finish a race. All jokes aside, the race of Cape Epic is pretty difficult, the only one to be classified in the beyond category by the UPI. It is 8 days long, with stages which include a single track, lots of trails and plenty of mountains. The elevation gain is a staggering 16,650 meters. The last variation of the race was 624 kilometers long and 650 pairs of racers took place. The race is open to professionals and amateurs alike, all riding on the same track, but in different categories.

Trans-Siberian Extreme

If you like the cold, actually, if you love the cold and feel that you can endure 9200 kilometers of cycling in a very inhospitable landscape, then this race is the right one for you.

As its name might suggest, the Trans-Siberian Extreme takes you through Siberia. This race takes you through 8 different time zones. Just think about that for a second. If that is not enough for you, then know that you will also have to face 5 different climates. As if the cold wasn’t enough, you’ll also get to experience plenty more weather-related surprises. 

Race Across America

This is one of those races which is pretty long and compared to other races, really difficult. It is a non-stop race, meaning no stages. Time keeps on going, no matter what you do. If you have to sleep, make it count. If you have to empty your bowels, good luck. The race has been around since 1982 and is 4800 kilometers long, going from the west coast to the east. That has always been the direction of the race. If you want to sign up, know that the fastest cyclists need around a week or more to finish the race. Good luck.

Dragon Devil

Wales has it out for you. 320 kilometers of hardcore mountain biking. The elevation gain is almost 5000 meters and the race will take every bit of effort you can muster.

These are some of the world’s most interesting and extreme cycling races. Whether cross-country or mountain biking races, they are difficult and challenging even for the best cyclists. Will you ever dare to take part in them?