Most Popular eSports Right Now

If you like video games, why not try competing in eSports for some very exciting prizes! Of course, the competitions are dominated by South Koreans exercising day and night, so the chances of actually winning are very slim, but you can still have incredible fun by entering one of the popular tournaments. Below is the list of currently most popular eSports.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. The game pits two teams against each other in a battle between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Your task is to eliminate players from the opposing team while taking care of minor objectives. Of course, there are competitions that are organised on a large scale that attract professional eSports players. Why? Because the game is great and the prize pool has risen to 1,000,000 USD. Gamers that excel at this game can make a living just training for these events. CS GO won the 2015 “Game of the Year” award which gives testimony to its public appeal.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA game which means multiplayer online battle arena. Developed by Valve Corporation, this game puts you on a map in a team of five players against five other players on the opposing team. The goal is to occupy the enemy base located on the map while at the same time defending your own. In the game, the player controls a hero and gains experience through battle in order to spend their points in upgrading their chosen champion. This team includes leagues where teams battle to become ultimate champions and the prize pool is the highest of any eSport – for the international competition the prize is over 14,000,000 USD.

League of Legends

Another MOBA, League of Legends is a game where the player controls a summoner or champion that will battle the opposing enemy player or computer controlled champions. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s “nexus.” The game was released in 2009 and has been gaining popularity ever since. In 2014, 67 million people played LoL per month which is an astounding number of people who return to this game. In social media, it is usually the most watched eSports game on YouTube and Twitch TV. In 2017, 60 million viewers tuned in to watch the LoL championship competing for a 4,000,000 USD prize pool.


Released in 2016, by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a 2-year-old multiplayer first-person shooter. You can play it on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Its total prize pool is currently close to $3 million, and there are 55 tournaments in 2018. Players are divided in two teams, with 6 players each. Each player can choose his or her “hero”, with unique powers and characteristics. The goal of the game is to control more areas on the map than the opponent. The game has received many awards for its gameplay and graphics, as well as the Game of the Year Award in 2016.

How to Bet on Dog Races

Bored from betting on regular sports such as football, basketball, or horse races on BetAmerica? Why don’t you try something totally new and visit a Greyhound racing track? The races are taking place daily all over the UK and fun and excitement are guaranteed!

When it comes to most simple bets, the rules are not much different than when betting on horse racing. You can bet on a dog to win a race or a tournament, and you can also bet “each way”, placing two bets on the same dog. In other words, you are actually betting half your stake on a dog to win and the second half on it to “place” (i.e. finish second). This is a very common way of betting on outsiders, because it secures that even if your dog ends up second, you will get a small return on your bet, usually calculated as ¼ of the odds for your dog to win.

There are also more exotic and riskier bets, but promising much bigger winnings. Forecast and Tricast are bets on two or three dogs to finish first, second and third in an exact order. The US variants of these bets with winnings determined by the number of winners are called Exacta and Trifecta. Reverse Forecast and Reverse Tricast bets, on the other hand, don’t require you to pick the exact order of the first dogs to finish. Instead, you can pick them out in any order.

Finally, you may also consider betting on an accumulator. Accumulators are multiple bets and they require you to predict the outcome of several races. There are numerous combinations thereof, and you will win only if all your predictions turn out to be true. These bets are extremely unlikely, but they can lead to truly life-changing winnings.

Another exciting option is betting live, meaning that you can place your bet as the race is taking place, based on direct observation of the race. This option is only available to online bettors.

If you decide to bet online, make sure to choose a reliable bookmaker, and compare the odds between several bookmakers to find the best ones. Keep up to date with the latest news from the world of Greyhound racing. Also, you should study the form, age, and gender of the dogs, as well as the racing lines that dogs take. Soon, you will start noticing patterns that will lead you to better predictions. You will become a dog racing expert in no time!

One last word of caution: always bet responsibly, don’t chase your losses and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Good luck!

How Do VR Casinos Work?

VR Casinos are an emerging industry based on the latest developments in VR technology. Until recently, gamblers had only two options: online casinos and land-based casinos. If they wanted to play roulette online, online casinos offered the convenience of playing from home, whereas land-based casinos simply have the added touch of glamour that makes for a richer casino experience.

VR Casino games combine the comfort of your home with the feeling of being in a real casino, to produce an immersive, interactive, multiplayer, 3D experience for players. Is it already incredibly life-like and soon it will be even more, as the technology leaps forward and the old gaming technology slowly becomes obsolete. With the VR tech becoming more affordable, analysts predict that the total amount of bets made via VR casinos will reach almost $520 billion by 2021.

VR casinos offer some amazing features: highly detailed and realistic game rooms that you can freely explore, 3D slot machines you can try out, game tables where you can interact with other players and a live-dealer, both in multiplayer and co-op modes, online and offline, as well as the ability to sit, stand up, walk, and make hand and body gestures that other players can see and react to in real time.

To try their luck at a VR casino, users need a VR headset and other accompanying equipment, such as movement sensors, headphones, and controllers, as well as a PC that supports this technology. Also, your gear will need to be compatible with the suitable gaming platform that your chosen game supports. Oculus Rift is currently the most popular choice among players and developers alike.

So far, the VR Casino industry has produced several great games, with much more expected to be released in the future, due to an increasing number of VR compatible iGambling platforms being rapidly developed.

Social Club VR: Casino Nights, developed by Perilous Orbit, and released on 22 June 2018, is a fine example of the latest developments in the industry. The game supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It lets you play Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker and Roulette, as well as Chess and Backgammon, and three different shooting games! You can play privately with your friends, online with other players around the world, or against the AI in the single-player mode. The game looks simply stunning, and it lets you customize your avatar, the music (you can set up your own YouTube playlist) and the surroundings. The more you play the more (virtual) chips you earn. These can be used to further personalize the game or treat your friends with a little something.

So far, not a lot of games offer playing with real money. One of the few is Slots Million that boasts being the first VR casino around. However, even if you don’t play for real money, VR Casino games can be incredibly fun and they can help you improve your skills, to prepare for the real deal in a safe, risk-free environment.

The essential tips and tricks of online sports betting

Even though betting has been present for a long time in every culture, it is always difficult to get around when you start betting – there are too many options, many sites and many things to consider. Even though you might be well-versed in playing online casino games and discovering sites like which will show information on the emerging markets for gambling, betting on sports does require some additional knowledge that is specific to betting.

To get you started, here are some essential pieces of advice:

Find what you are interested in

There are numerous betting options, different sports and when you first enter the world of betting, it can be overwhelming. So the best thing is to choose some sport or area that you are interested in – it can be football, basketball, tennis, or maybe you are interested in some less popular sports like snooker or beach volleyball. Why is this important? You will most probably be more up to date for some things you are interested in, you will know if some players are injured or there was a change in the team’s management. This will give you a good advantage and knowledge needed to make an informed bet. Be sure to always have a special area of interest – if you pick football, maybe you will additionally focus on Premier League, or French League – so you will be really good when it comes to those games.

Get to know the offer

Whichever sports you pick, do not be deceived by the small number of different odds that pop up. You can bet on many more options by simply clicking on the plus icon next to the game, which will give you more detailed and specific bets and different odds. For example, you can always bet on the final outcome of the football match, but you can also bet about the minute the goal will be scored in, or the number of free throws, or the percentage of completed passes of one team. Incredible, right? Not all games have the same offers, and the rule of thumb is the more important the game, the bigger the offer.

Familiarize yourself with the odds

There are many ways to present the odds on the websites you visit, which usually depends on where you live. In the UK, they use the fractional representation of the bets, but most international betting sites offer additionally the decimal and American odds representation. Once you learn how to calculate them, you will see how they reflect the favorite or the underdog in the game (lower numbers show that somebody is likely to win, while higher show the lower probability of winning). Carefully combining several good odds, you will have an opportunity to place a bet which will be both safe and likely to bring you a nice amount of money!

What is eSports betting?

The rise of eSports happened more than a decade ago when Counter Strike tournaments dominated the world of online gaming. However, with the introduction of MOBAs – Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, DotA and others, the official tournaments grew in number and gained so much popularity that the logical step was to include betting options on these events as well! With multimillion audience, there are a lot of potential bettors – so a lot of money is invested and gained on these games!

The eSports betting is at the same time similar to and very different from the traditional sports betting. It is similar to sports betting, for example, because you can bet on the outcome of the match – which of the two teams will win, which corresponds to some basketball or football games. You can also bet on the most valuable player – also called the MVP – and get great odds. Another similarity to traditional sports is that we can find offers for eSports on sites like bet365 and Betway.

But the differences are exactly what makes eSports betting so interesting! Apart from the usual betting with money, you can also bet on eSports for skins or in-game currencies! That is right – by betting and winning, you can earn cosmetic upgrades for the games you play or just resell what you get to other players. And the best thing is – you can bet almost on anything. People tend to bet on players with the best KDA (Kill/Deaths/Assist scores), or on the first blood – the first scored kill, or which team will get which side of the map. Other standard bets such as the length of the game or the exact score tend to be very popular. All the other smaller options vary from game to game and can be pretty lucrative if you are a connoisseur.

However, it should be noted that unlike sports betting, eSports do not have a long history – which means there is no systematic organization of data regarding the scores and the form of the teams. Bettors often rely on incomplete or partial data in order to draw conclusions. Some teams are more famous, so sites will have more knowledge about how they play or who they faced so far, but don’t expect the same kind of detailed report for the wildcard teams!

All in all, the eSports gambling craze will not die down any time soon. It will become even more popular, as the games became played on an even more massive level. New options for betting will arise and more people will be drawn to this option for betting fans. Just make sure to familiarize yourself before entering the online world of eSports betting, and you will do just fine!