The biggest role-models in the world of cycling

The world of cycling had considerable problems with its image after the big turmoil that was caused by Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal. The whole cult built around his personality was dispersed after the news of his abuse of substances, which led to the crisis where the position of the cycling role model was left empty. However, now there a few suitable candidates that can pick this position and promote both cycling and positive life values to the whole world. These are the people who promote healthy life and good values, always looking to improve themselves, thus setting a great example.

One of the most respected members of the cycling community is Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas, who is at the moment in the Movistar team. His success in cycling is huge – he won two out of three Grand Tours, and several classifications across all three, with many stage races. But where he really shines is his dedication to helping and improving the society! His biggest efforts go to promoting gender equality and helping women in Colombia. He learned his greatest lesson when he was fifteen – he was hit by a car and he ended up in a coma for several days. However, his father always believed in his cycling potential and he helped him succeed by investing in him and helping him along the way. That is why Quintana is so ardent in his efforts to help others now he is in such a position. He is also creating positive health and body images, with his stamina and dedication to healthy diet.

Another potential role model could be the big star of cycling, the UK’s Chris Froome. This Vuelta and Tour de France winner has been very outspoken against doping and drug use. Even though he was accused for using different substances to improve his performance, Froome never fell under any doubt, with the exception of the 2017 case where he had to take medicine for his asthma problem. However, he was cleared of any guilt in that case. He was even made an officer of the Order of the British Empire due to his excellence in cycling. But his greatest activist achievement is in the position of the ambassador of the United for Wildlife conservation project, which is aiming to save many endangered animals. On several occasions, he put stickers of endangered animals such as rhinos on his bikes and tried to raise awareness of the problems surrounding endemic species. If this isn’t enough to convince you, Froome, who was born in South Africa, participated in the race #United4Mandela which celebrated Mandela’s social activism in that country.

Cycling betting basics and instructions

Out of all sports, cycling does not seem to be the most popular one. One of the reasons is that it is still a very young sport and that it is not popular in all parts of the world. However, there are a lot of people who follow cycling and there are huge numbers of people who are very much interested in betting on cycling. If you are one of the betting enthusiasts, or you are looking to join this group, then you should learn about the basics of betting when it comes to cycling. Firstly, of course, you should find a bookmaker that offers betting on cycling, and then you can search the promo code associated with that bookmaker. You can read more about the Supabets offer here to see how it works.

People bet on cycling because it is an action-packed sport with a lot of chances for turnarounds and twists, so some underdogs can win and you could earn big money if you know on whom to bet. However, this also makes it quite unpredictable, which is not something bettors like to hear. Being unpredictable, the odds before the competition itself can be quite big on some competitors, and you can use it to your advantage. One idea is betting with small sums on large odds before the competition, so you can try to guess the winner and win a lot of money.

If you are, however, keen on more likely bets, you might want to wait for the competitions to begin. You can bet on specific stages or only certain types of stages. Why is this important? Well, in contrast to other sports, in cycling certain competitors might not be the best overall, but they can be the fastest or the best at rough terrain – so you can bet on them only in specific stages when the conditions for their win are met. For example, there are some sprinters like Tony Martin or Chris Froome who are likely to win time trials – so you can be sure they will rank good, even if they are not the overall best. On the other hand, on climber stages, you would go for Contador or Quintana. So the most important thing is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each cyclist, and bet when you are sure they are at their best or optimal stage.

Of course, the betting of cycling can also differ based on the type of cycling – whether it’s track or road cycling. Because track cycling is shorter and more predictable, most beginners start with this type, as far as betting is concerned.

Even so, it is important to know the difference between different classifications in each competition – apart from the overall winner, people can also bet on the best times in mountains (the King of the Mountains) or on the best young rider under twenty-five years of age. With such a varied offer, people get lost, so inform yourself ahead of time on what type of races the competition you are following offers.

Another valuable piece of advice on cycling betting basics is to be patient with your bets! Just because it seems you have lost a bet mid-race does not mean the result will remain the same until the end. Cycling is a sport where nothing is definite until the end, so sit tight and follow your favorite!